Putting Our Money Where Our Minds Are: Investing in Our Future

Written by Minds Matter Portland on November 29th, 2014. Posted in MM Portland

By Briana Crider

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin

Minds Matter of Portland is committed to maintaining our model of ensuring every dollar donated to the program goes directly to fulfilling our mission objectives. We believe education and helping our students get to college is the best investment of our time, energy, and money. Our organization is run by an all-volunteer staff with no overhead costs for outrageous executive salaries and administration. Putting our money where our minds are is what we do. It’s all for the students.

We also pride ourselves on transparency. Below is a chart showing where we invested our money for FY 2013. Seventy-six percent of our donated funds go directly to the summer programs our students attend after their sophomore and junior years. The second largest expense area is food. We provide lunch for our students every Saturday with the generous help from local community businesses that offer us substantial discounts to ensure we keep these kids fueled for a full day of learning.

FY13 chart

The numbers don’t lie. Low-income is one of the largest factors influencing whether students attend or even contemplate applying for college. In the High School Benchmark study of 2014, completed by the National Student Clearinghouse, income levels remained a more important indicator versus other demographics and location in whether students immediately enroll in college[1]. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, in 2012 only 50.9% of low-income high school graduates were enrolled in 2- or 4-year colleges and universities, whereas high-income students were enrolled at an 80.7% rate[2].

The college conversation is not the “norm” in poor socioeconomic households. These students are not immersed in an environment that can support and provide them guidance, as many of our students are the first generation to even consider college. Our job is to empower and support them on their journey toward making college a reality. They are high-achieving, dedicated, and eager, with bright futures ahead.

We are investing in closing the achievement gap that separates economically disadvantaged students and students from minority groups from students with higher income levels. We devote ourselves to dismantling the idea that money equals success. With the help of our volunteers, donors, and community supporters we are illuminating the path to college and guiding our students forward. Help us by investing in the future of these students and giving back high interest rates worth more than words can describe.

Stock Donations

Want a way to give back and get a tax deduction? You can contribute your appreciated stock to Minds Matter and receive a charitable tax deduction based on the market value.*

For more information, please contact John Longfield at 503-833-5260 or john.longfield@rbc.com.

*Additional rules and regulations apply to charitable donations for tax purposes. 




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