Senior Program

Senior Program

Students who successfully complete the Junior Program are invited to apply for the Senior Program. The Program meets weekly throughout the school year and aggressively leads students through the college application process. Most students retain their mentors from the Junior Program, enhancing the foundation for strong friendships that often continue after the student graduates high school.

The Senior Program guides students through the entire college application process by providing training in college selection, essay writing, interviewing, and financial aid. Since its inception in 1996 in New York, the Senior Program has expanded its goals to address not only gaining admission to college but also succeeding once there. The Program successfully prepares talented youth to make the most of their undergraduate experience by building their organizational and communications skills. With the addition of programming that educates seniors on selecting a major, adapting to college life, choosing a career path, and interviewing for internships and jobs, the Senior Program has evolved into a comprehensive guide to succeeding in college and beyond.

The majority of our Senior Program students receive generous financial aid packages from schools based on their academic achievements and financial need. In cases in which a student does not receive adequate financial assistance from his/her college of choice, Minds Matter helps the student and his/her family negotiate a more generous award and determine other financial aid options. Minds Matter also provides a stipend to each student who successfully completes the Senior Program.

100% of Minds Matter graduates have been accepted at a 4-year college or university.

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