How To Apply

To ensure that the organization reaches the most dedicated and qualified students, Minds Matter has a rigorous and highly competitive application process.

The Minds Matter application is comprised of a series of short answer questions and an essay, a guidance counselor or teacher recommendation, a parent/guardian commitment form, a high school transcript, and an in-person interview. Students must also have proof of U.S. citizenship/residence as well as demonstrated financial need.

In short, a Minds Matter applicant must:

  • Be a freshman student during the application year
  • Maintain a strong overall grade point average of 3.2 or higher
  • Comes from a household with an annual income that meets the Free or Reduced lunch income eligibility guidelines
  • Be committed to pursuing a college education
  • Demonstrate strong academic potential, motivation, maturity, and responsibility
  • Be active in extracurricular and/or community activities (part time jobs included)
  • Show that he/she would benefit greatly from a summer academic experience

Minds Matter is a meritocratic organization that rewards hard work, dedication and achievement, and does not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or physical ability.

Student Application

Guidance Counselor Nomination form

Teacher Recommendation form

Parent/Guardian form

“About Us,” below summarizes the Minds Matter program, activities, opportunities, and successful outcomes our students experience. Also below, The Application Checklist outlines all of the information you’ll need to apply. If you are unable to submit any of the above forms online, please contact our Director of Recruitment, Matt Galbraith.

About Us


Thanks for your interest! Minds Matter asks a lot from its students but students gain a lot in return. We look forward to another strong, motivated group for our incoming Class of 2021!

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